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Posada & Bodega Vistalba. Vistalba, Mendoza. La Morada de los Andes. Valle de Uco, Mendoza. Algodon Wine Estates. San Rafael, Mendoza. Casa Estancia Mendoza. Valle de Uco, Mendoza.

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Terms & Conditions

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The following terms and conditions are valid for the use of this website by Internet users.

Except where expressly indicated, all content is copyright © of Argentina Wine Hotels. If you have copyright to some photos and / or material within Argentina Wine Hotels, please let us know and said material will be removed immediately. All rights reserved.

All materials on this website, including their images, are protected by copyright laws.

Consultations and Reservations
Argentina Wine Hotels operates as an agent and derives queries and reservations for the selected hotel on behalf of users at no cost.

The offers of accommodation are obtained without cost by the users.

It is intended that the accommodation offers be provided exclusively to those users who use the services of Argentina Wine Hotels to search for them. This includes both private reserves by users for themselves, acquaintances and / or relatives and reservations made by companies for their employees. The commercial resale of lodging offers obtained through Argentina Wine Hotels is totally prohibited.

Contract of accommodation and payments
When the accommodation is arranged through Argentina Wine Hotels the accommodation contract becomes effective directly between the user and the hotel selected by the user. All claims and obligations arising from the accommodation contract exist directly and exclusively between the user and the chosen hotel.

Once the user receives a reservation confirmation from Argentina Wine Hotels to his reservation inquiry, a mandatory confirmed reservation goes into effect. The reserved room is valid without another reservation confirmation in writing. The user can print this reservation confirmation. The user also receives this booking confirmation by email. The user must present this booking confirmation on a mandatory basis upon arrival at the hotel. If the reservation confirmation is not presented, the hotel is not obliged to guarantee the price confirmed by Argentina Wine Hotels.

Due to technical errors that usually occur in the transfer of emails through the Internet, Argentina Wine Hotels can not guarantee the reception of the reservation confirmation by email. However, this does not affect the validity of the reservation.

Arrivals and Cancellations
According to the specifications of each hotel, the user is obliged to arrive at the specified time. In the event of late cancellation or non-presentation of the user (no show) the hotel will charge the cancellation charges specified by Argentina Wine Hotels.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, any change or cancellation of reservations arranged through Argentina Wine Hotels must always be made through Argentina Wine Hotels. It is important that the selected hotel receives the corresponding message from Argentina Wine Hotels so that the change or cancellation is made on time.

Information about accommodation offers
Argentina Wine Hotels makes its best efforts to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the hotel (photos, texts, maps, prices, etc.). In any case, this information is based on the information provided by the hotel, in the experience of the employees of Argentina Wine Hotels and for serious information received from third parties (for example, other users). In all possible ways, Argentina Wine Hotels tries to ensure that the content of the information provided by the hotel is reliable, up-to-date and complete. However, the content is reliable, updated and complete can not be guaranteed with complete certainty therefore Argentina Wine Hotels does not accept responsibility for this.

In no case shall Argentina Wine Hotels be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage or result connected with the use of services or material or with the delay or inability to use the aforementioned, or any information, product and service obtained through publications, or resulting from the use of this website, whether based on a contract, tort, obligations or similar.

Unless otherwise specified, the prices of the rooms provided are valid per room, per night. The prices include VAT tax.

All photos and images on this site are property of Argentina Wine Hotels or have been assigned by their owners. If you have rights to some of these photos or images, let us know and said material will be removed immediately. Prohibited to use them without the written approval of the same.

The web pages that can be accessed through our links have been created by people over whom we have no influence whatsoever. About them we do not exercise any type of control and therefore we are not responsible for the contents of these web pages, at the same time we verify that their contents do not have to coincide with our opinions. This declaration is valid for all the contents of the pages that can be accessed through links and banners.

Legal Liability and Guarantee
All the information has been compiled with great care. However, no responsibility is accepted for errors made during the acquisition of data or the transfer of data. Argentina Wine Hotels does not accept responsibilities for ensuring that the content available is reliable or updated.

In the case of breach of these Terms and Conditions, Argentina Wine Hotels reserves the right to exclude users at any time for future use. Argentina Wine Hotels reserves the right to restrict, change or completely cease the use of Argentina Wine Hotels at any time without the need for prior notice. Legal claims of users referred to the use of Argentina Wine Hotels are not accepted.
Argentina Wine Hotels must inform users about changes to these Terms and Conditions either on the website or via email. If users do not object to the changes within 3 weeks of notification, the changes are considered accepted.

Applicable Law
All legal relationships between Argentina Wine Hotels and users are subject exclusively to the law of the Argentine Republic.

Information of the Users
Users can cancel their registration at Argentina Wine Hotels at any time. For that send an email to info@argentinawinehotels.com

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
By using this website you adhere to the preceding Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with them, we ask you not to use the services of Argentina Wine Hotels.



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